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Business Profile

Vanguard Limited, a PNG registered company trading as Vanguard International, is owned by the Managing Director, Colin Boreham and has operated successfully in PNG since 1989.

The company is certified by the PNG Investment Promotion Authority to recruit and supply both PNG citizen and non-citizen employees and holds a current Employment Agents Licence, issued by the PNG Department of Labour.

Services Provided

The company is a generalist Management and Human Resource Consultancy and Employment Agency specializing in:

  • Selection and Recruitment - of PNG citizen and non-citizen staff, primarily at executive, management, professional and technical levels and servicing the Resources, Commercial Private Sector, State Owned Enterprises, PNG Government Departments and NGO’s

  • Contract Labour Hire - of PNG citizen and non-citizens to all sectors: mining & petroleum, construction, industrial and commercial as well as SOEs and NGOs and for most employment classifications including management, professional, trades, finance, IT and admin support.

  • Immigration Services – Efficient provision of correct PNG Work Permits, Entry Visas and associated professional registration and documentation for non-citizen permanent and contract employees at all levels.

  • Payroll Services – Timely and accurate processing of Client payrolls for both PNG citizens and non-citizens, including third party payments (IRC & Nasfund etc) and full payroll reporting to Client.

  • Human Resource Consulting – Assisting in strategic planning, organization development and restructures, management of change from a Human Resource perspective and associated services, utilizing our professional associates.

  • Psychological Profiling – As PNG agent for our associates the Apollonean Institute of Brisbane , providing quick and low cost on line profiling of applicants in the selection process and for professional development planning.

Data Base

Our electronic candidate data base holds in excess of 14,000 coded applicants, mainly PNG citizens and many of whom have been previously interviewed and reference checked.

Professional Competence

Vanguard International has established a reputation for professional competence, efficiency and a detailed knowledge of the PNG labour markets, for both PNG citizens and non-citizen employees. Our fees are competitive and our 3 month Replacement Warranty on permanent executive placements is valued by clients.

Vanguard’s Managing Director and Senior Management have unequalled “hands on” professional experience and proven expertise. We are proud that our Managers, Team Leaders and Consulting Staff are well educated, experienced, competent and highly committed PNG citizens.

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